Alex Young

Web and software developer near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

About Me

I am a desktop and web developer, currently based in Whitley Bay, just outside Newcastle-upon-Tyne. My path to this career has been somewhat unconventional - I studied Veterinary Science at university, and worked as an Equine Veterinary Surgeon for 7 years. Several years into this path I realised that while I enjoyed some aspects of this career, it was not my vocation in life. Everyone wants a job they feel truly passionate about, one they look forward to doing - I looked forward to getting home from work to start coding so this was the career I wanted!

Technical Skills

Web - Frontend

I am competent in the use of CSS, my preference being to write using SCSS. I am familiar with common CSS frameworks e.g. Bootstrap, Skeleton, Materialize.
I have good JavaScript skills and knowledge, including functional programming principles, modern language features (ES2015/2016) and transpilation. I am currently integrating static typing into my code using the Flow library.
Build Systems
I have previously used Gulp as a task runner, but have recently become more familiar with WebPack.

Web - Backend

I have developed websites using ASP.NET MVC 5 and have a strong understanding of this framework.
I am familiar with Node through use of NPM as a dependency manager for front-end projects. Recently I have begun using it as a back-end to develop RESTful APIs with Express


Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
I have built several large applications using WPF, most recently a stock-control and production management application for a Newcastle-based factory.
In larger applications I have made use of Prism to enhance project structure and hasten development.

A personal project using an ASP.NET Core MVC 1.0 and Entity Framework Core 1.0 back-end, and a hybrid-SPA style front-end with Knockout.js
There are several examples of my work on GitHub, showing work in JavaScript with React and Flow, as well as C# projects
I am an active user of StackOverflow with many answers that can demonstrate my coding ability and style.
A Connect4-style app built with React and Redux. (source code)
Roman Numerator
A simple app to convert numbers into Roman Numbers. (source code)

Contact Me

I can be contacted by email at alex[at]